THE ROCK BOTTOM BOYS – Rock ‘N Roll with Hillbilly Soul! 

Join Lucky, Red and Henk “twisting and warping rock and roll hits” for fans across America!

Hold on there because we have…

“Tantalizing three part harmonies, superior musicianship and incredible showmanship” that all add up to something that is virtually unmatched in today’s entertainment market…

a show that tickles the memories, makes you laugh, and leaves you smiling.  (Our Manager wrote that but it’s all true!)

·       “Lucky” – Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, lead “humorist”

·       “Red” – Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, sharp witted humor

·       “Henk” – Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, understated humor

Professional, affordable and likable…you don’t want to miss THE ROCK BOTTOM BOYS!

The Source Management Group